Umbrellas & Cabanas

Our newest offerings include 316 stainless steel versions of the May Schattello, AlbatrosFilius, Extremis Hopper Shade as well as the Cuscini Corsica, Cabrio, Square One and Terrance Concept.

All of the umbrellas and cabanas we offer have either anodized or powder-coated frames and components, giving them a sealed and extremely durable outer surface. This translates into a protective barrier against all, but the harshest elements.

Just as marine environments can impact carbon steel, umbrella canopies and cabana covers are also susceptible to deterioration. To combat this wear and tear, ShadeScapes’ manufacturers work with the highest grade commercial quality fabrics available.

While most of our umbrellas and cabanas employ anti-corrosive 304 stainless steel in their construction, for coastal and poolside areas, we offer a 316 stainless steel ‘Marine Grade’ upgrade, providing an even greater resistance to the elements.


Today’s carbon steel contains 95% iron with up to 2% carbon. The iron in carbon steel reacts with oxygen in the environment and produces rust. Rust can thicken and can cause perpetual damage if left uncared for.

While stainless steel (a derivative of carbon steel) still contains rust-promoting iron, it resists corrosion because it incorporates other elements that help defend the surface of the metal against oxidation. For a metal to be considered stainless steel, it must contain at least 10.5% chromium and less than 1% carbon, among other added elements such as iron, nickel and molybdenum. Generally the greater the chromium, nickel and molybdenum added, the more resistant the metal becomes to corrosion. To find a suitable stainless steel for your application, consider the options below.

Marine Grade Umbrellas


18% Chromium

8% Nickel

Marine Grade Umbrellas


18% Chromium

10% Nickel

3% Molybdenum

NOTE: proper selection of stainless steel combined with shade maintenance provides the best results for all products subject to marine environments.

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